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Providing Custom Die Cutting services to a wide range of industries for over 60 years

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Miller Gasket has been providing custom die cutting services to a wide range of industries for over 60 years. We offer a variety of die types including Steel Rule, Class A, Rotary and Engraved Dies, and work with our customers to choose the right die type for their application. Depending on the production volume, material type, and required tolerances, we can choose the most economical die type and cutting process. We have hydraulic and clicker presses from 15 to 100 tons, equipped with semi-automatic, automatic, and high speed capabilities.

Our presses can run parts up to 35” x 63” and meet tolerances as tight as ±.005”. We produce all types of components including gaskets, insulators, washers, pressure sensitive adhesives, conductivity parts, speaker parts, shielding parts, and multi-layer components. Our manufacturing facility is set up to handle a range of volume from prototype to high-volume productions runs, and we offer 24-hour turnaround prototyping.

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Custom Die Cutting Capabilities

Die Cutting Methods

Steel Rule
Class A Die
Engraved Die
Clicker Presses
Hydraulic Presses
Kiss Cutting

Production Capabilities

Semi Automatic
High Speed

Press Capacity

15-100 Tons

Our Materials

All Non-Metallic Materials ⋅ Cork ⋅ Felt ⋅ Foam ⋅ Foil ⋅ Asbestos Free ⋅ Electrical Insulation ⋅ Metals ⋅ Plastics
Rubber ⋅ Shim Stock ⋅ Sponge ⋅ Paper ⋅ Pressure Sensitive Materials ⋅ Cellular Fiber ⋅ Rubberized Cork

Die Cut Products

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Conductivity Parts
Speaker Parts
Shielding Parts
Multi-Layer Components

Die Cutting Miller Gasket

Roll Stock


Width: Up to 35 Inches
Length: Up to 63 Inches

Tolerance (+/-) 

Width: Up to 35 Inches

Additional Services Provided

Prototype ⋅ Product Development ⋅ Assembly ⋅ Sitting ⋅ Laminating

Production Volume & Lead Times

From Prototype to Production
3 Weeks ⋅ Prototypes in 24 Hours

Overview of Custom Die Cutting

Custom die cutting is a process that involves using a metal punch or knife to create precise cuts in various materials. It’s a versatile technique suitable for a broad range of materials, from thin metal to plastic foam. The process offers clean and accurate cuts for diverse applications such as packing boxes, rubber gaskets, spacers, shims, EMI shields, and more.

Benefits of Custom Die Cutting Services

  • Design Flexibility: Custom die cutting offers the ability to create with a wide range of shapes and sizes, making it a versatile option for various industries and applications.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Advanced equipment and techniques ensure that the die-cut parts meet exacting standards.
  • Efficiency: Fast setup and high-speed production capabilities mean that custom die cutting can meet both high-volume and fast turnaround demands.
  • Material Versatility: The ability to work with a diverse range of materials, from rigid to flexible, expands the potential applications of die cutting.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: For many businesses, using custom die cutting services can be more economical than investing in the equipment and training required for in-house die cutting.

Looking for Production Manufacturing Services?

Our long run full service die cutting strategy includes semi-automatic and automatic presses ranging from 15 to 100 ton capacity with bed sizes up to 35″ x 63″ for die and kiss cutting from both sheet and roll stock. Our ultra-high speed rotary die-cutting equipment can produce high-quality, high-volume, close tolerance parts.

Leverage our vast experience in production custom die-cutting and gasket manufacturing services on your next die-cut part project.

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