Custom Gaskets at Miller Gasket

Inside Six Decades of Manufacturing Excellence

In the heart of San Fernando, California, Miller Gasket Company stands as a symbol of innovation and quality in the gasket manufacturing industry. With over 60 years of dedicated service, the company has honed its expertise in laser cut gaskets, custom gasket manufacturing, and other precision-cut solutions, with experience in all industries from automotive to aerospace​​​​.

Custom and Laser Cut Solutions

At Miller Gasket, the commitment to quality is forever embedded in the core of our principles of business. We employ state-of-the-art CO2 laser cutting systems and advanced water jet cutting technologies, ensuring high precision for what your latest project requires. This includes not only gaskets but also insulators, washers, and spacers, crafted to meet your standards​​​​.

Innovating Through Technology
Leveraging cutting-edge 2 and 6-axis lasers, we produce parts with remarkable precision which enhances their functionality and reliability in all applications. Our ongoing investment in technology like 3D laser cutting further puts us at forefront of the industry, enabling us to take on even the most complex projects with ease​​​​ and reliability. See it for yourself, contact us today!

Custom Die Cutting: Utilizing various die types for optimal results.
Precision Laser Cutting: For intricate designs and high accuracy.
3D Laser Cutting: Merging flexibility with high-end precision.
Water Jet Cutting: Ideal for diverse materials, ensuring sharp, clean cuts without thermal distortion​​.

Industry-Wide Impact
From the automotive sector, where we started in 1961, to high-demand fields like electronics and industrial applications, our products are pivotal. Our gaskets play critical roles in everything from everyday vehicles to high-tech installations, ensuring efficiency and safety across applications​​!

The goal is clear: to deliver not just products but to provide tailored solutions that propel our clients’ projects to new heights​​.

For detailed inquiries and to see how we can assist in your specific requirements, consider reaching out directly through our contact page or by requesting a quote to start on a path towards completing your project!

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