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Maximizing Your Product Design with Custom Die Cutting

Custom die cutting is a process that offers a range of benefits for your product design, as well as manufacturing. It uses a custom-made die to cut materials into specific shapes and sizes, allowing manufacturers to create unique products with precision and efficiency. At Miller Gasket, we have been providing custom die cutting services to a wide range of industries for over 60 years! We offer a variety of die types including Steel Rule, Class A, Rotary and Engraved Dies, and work with our customers to choose the right die type for their application.

One of the main advantages of custom die cutting is the ability to create complex shapes and designs that are not possible with other cutting methods. This can help to enhance the appeal of a product, and create a unique brand identity that sets it apart from competitors.

Custom die cutting also offers greater efficiency and speed compared to other cutting methods. Our presses can run parts up to 35” x 63” and meet tolerances as tight as ±.005”. With the ability to cut multiple layers of material at once, die cutting can significantly reduce production times and costs. This is especially beneficial for large-scale production runs, where time and cost savings can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Another advantage of custom die cutting is its versatility. It can be used to cut a wide range of materials, including metal, rubber, plastic, and more. This makes it a suitable process for a variety of industries, from packaging and automotive, to medical and aerospace.

Custom die cutting also allows for greater precision and accuracy in product design. Depending on the production volume, material type, and required tolerances, we can choose the most economical die type and cutting process. We have hydraulic and clicker presses from 15 to 100 tons, equipped with semi-automatic, automatic, and high speed capabilities. We produce all types of components including gaskets, insulators, washers, pressure sensitive adhesives, conductivity parts, speaker parts, shielding parts, and multi-layer components.

Custom die cutting offers several advantages for product design and manufacturing. With the ability to create complex shapes and designs, reduce production times and costs, work with a range of materials, and ensure precision and accuracy in product design; custom die cutting is a process that can help to enhance the overall quality and appeal of your products! Request a Quote from Miller Gasket for your project today.

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