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Quality Since 1961

The Miller family has been committed to providing the best materials, best products and best service in the business for 60 years

The knowledge and experience of our dedicated staff and management, combined with our innovative and quality-driven philosophy, helps us separate ourselves from our competitors. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Southern California is well equipped to meet and exceed all your needs!

Custom Die Cutting

We offer a variety of die types including Steel Rule, Class A, Rotary and Engraved Dies, and work with our customers to choose the right die type for their application.

Precision Laser Cutting

At Miller Gasket, we utilize advanced 2 and 6-axis CO2 laser cutting systems which allows us to provide precision laser cutting as well as 3D laser cut parts for a variety of customers including those in the automotive, industrial, electronics, and lighting industries.


With 3D Laser cutting technology, you get the best of both worlds; flexibility in production and design. 3D Laser cutting can replace many drilling, milling, and cutting operations with high precision at reduced costs.

Precision Water Jet Cutting Services at Miller Gasket


We operate water jet cutting systems that features a 94,000 psi water jet that can precision cut materials such as metals, felt, foam, rubber, cork, plastic, just to name a few. This system also allows for the cutting of materials in sizes up to 13.5’ x 6.5’ and up to 8” thick, to tolerances of ±.003”.

Die Cut Services Miller Gasket

Production Manufacturing Services

Our long run full service die cutting strategy includes semi-automatic and automatic presses ranging from 15 to 100 ton capacity with bed sizes up to 35″ x 63″ for die and kiss cutting from both sheet and roll stock.

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