Precision Laser Cutting

With an accuracy of ±.001”

Cutting Virtually Any Material!

At Miller Gasket, we utilize advanced 2 and 6-axis CO2 laser cutting systems which allows us to provide precision laser cutting as well as 3D laser cut parts for a variety of customers including those in the automotive, industrial, electronics, and lighting industries. We can cut virtually any material including metals such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and Inconel in thicknesses from .005” to .375” and up to 48” x 48”. Nonmetallic materials include cork, felt, foam, asbestos-free cellular fiber, electrical insulation, rubber, plastics, and many more, in dimensions of .005” to .375” and up to 46” x 64”.

Our CNC lasers maintain a very consistent cut with an accuracy of ±.001” and a kerf, which varies from .003” to .020” depending on the specific material type and thickness. Our 6-axis laser cutting equipment allows us to cut 3D objects, including tubing up to 8” in diameter. We can cut holes and slots as well as trim 3D shapes in one operation, saving time and tooling costs over more traditional, manual milling and drilling methods. We operate 100W, 250W, and 1500W lasers which give us the flexibility to precisely cut nearly any material with a controlled, accurate, cut.

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Precision Laser Cutting Capabilities

Laser Types


Laser Configuration

Flying Optics
Moving Material

Output Power

100, 250 &1500 W

Cutting Axis

2 Axis
6 Axis

Our Materials

Aluminum ⋅ Inconel ⋅ Steel ⋅ Stainless Steel ⋅ Cork ⋅ Felt ⋅ Foam ⋅ Foil ⋅ Asbestos Free ⋅ Electrical Insulation ⋅ Metals ⋅ Plastics
Rubber ⋅ Shim Stock ⋅ Sponge ⋅ Paper ⋅ Pressure Sensitive Materials ⋅ Cellular Fiber ⋅ Rubberized Cork


Cutting Thickness: .005 to .375 in
Cutting Width: Up to 48 in
Cutting Length: Up to 48 in
Cutting Height: Up to 12 in


Cutting Width: Up to 46 in
Cutting Length: Up to 64 in

Tube Diameter

Up to 8”


.003 to .020 in


±.001 in

Additional Services Provided

Prototype ⋅ Product Development ⋅ Assembly ⋅ Sitting ⋅ Laminating ⋅ Perforating

Production Volume & Lead Times

From Prototype to Production
3 Weeks ⋅ Prototypes in 24 Hours

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