Precision Water
Jet Cutting

Efficient and Precise

Water Jet with Precision! Cutting at 94,000 PSI

At Miller Gasket, we specialize in precision water jet cutting, and have been delivering quality products and services to our customer for over 60 years. We operate water jet cutting systems that features a 94,000 psi water jet that can precision cut materials such as metals, felt, foam, rubber, cork, plastic, just to name a few. This system also allows for the cutting of materials in sizes up to 13.5’ x 6.5’ and up to 8” thick, to tolerances of ±.003”. Our dynamic cutting head provides a straight cut without any tapering and leaves a smooth finished edge.

Precision Water Jet Cutting Services at Miller Gasket

The greatest benefit to water jet cutting, apart from the low cost is that it subjects the material being cut to minimal stress which prevents thermal distortion and hardening. This reduces or eliminates the need for secondary operations, as well as lead time and cost. Cost can be further reduced by nesting thinner material during the cutting process. We provide typical lead times as short as 3 weeks, and also offer a 24 hour turnaround prototyping. We serve a wide range of industries including the automotive, electronics, and lighting industries.

For more information about our water jet cutting capabilities, see the table below.

see the information below

Precision Water Jet Cutting Capabilities

Water Jet Pressure: 94,000 PSI
Cutting Axis: 2 Axis

Thickness: Up to 8 in
Width: Up to 6.5 ft
Length: Up to 13.5 ft
Tolerance (+/-): .003 in
Edge Quality: 1 to 5

Minimum Part Stress
No Thermal Distortion or Hardening
Reduced Material Cost Through Nesting
Reduction or Elimination of Secondary Operations
Smooth Finished Edges

File Formats:
SolidWorks & (or) AutoCAD


Steel ⋅ Aluminum ⋅ Stainless Steel ⋅ Cork ⋅ Felt ⋅ Foam ⋅ Foil
⋅ Asbestos Free ⋅ Electrical Insulation ⋅ Non Ferrous Metals ⋅ Plastics
⋅ Rubber Shim Stock ⋅ Sponge ⋅ Paper ⋅ Pressure Sensitive Materials
⋅ Cellular Fiber ⋅ Rubberized Cork

All Industries!

From Prototype to Production, our lead times are 3 weeks with
prototypes in as little as 24 hours!

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